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corneal disease type probability of occurrence
corneal mixing 25 %
conical cornea 7.5 %
cornealitis 3 %
corneal denaturation 1.5 %
corneal ulcer 1.2 %
Rejection reaction after corneal transplantation 15 %
except 46.8 %
Sum 100 %
corneal stats

In case of blindness due to corneal disease, the only alternative is for cornea transplant, but the lack of cornea is urgent, except in the U.S. and Europe, where the culture of donation is ripe.

In particular, there are more than 4,000 waiting patients in Korea due to a lack of donation cornea supply in Confucian customs, and replacement technology is urgently needed at a time when it takes an average of five to six years to undergo cornea transplant surgery.

As it is determined that the supply of the cornea will be gradually difficult due to the LASIK and LASEX procedure, the development of alternative technology is required. Currently, there are more than 10 million patients with cornea disease all over the world. In all countries except the U.S., where the culture of donation is well-developed, there are more than 7 million patients waiting for transplants due to a lack of cornea in India and 2 million in China. As there are currently no artificial corneas available worldwide without a donated cornea, commercialization of C-Clears is required for urgent supply.
The artificial cornea C-Clear in TiViois has great humanitarian significance with a noble spirit that gives hope to patients who cannot receive a cornea transplant.

corneal patient statistics worldwide
Sortation Transplantation Transplantation stand by
the United States 45,000person -
India 18,000000person more than 7 million people
China 6,000000person More than 2 million people
Korea 600000person 4,200000person
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