What is tissue engineering?
  • Clinical Application
  • Bio-organ development by tissue engineering technique

Tissue engineering is the application of basic concepts and techniques of life sciences and engineering to understand the relationship between structure and function of living tissue, and then to create a substitute for living tissue and transplant it into the body. Maintenance, enhancement or restoration.
Tissue engineering techniques have been applied to almost all organs in human body such as artificial skin, artificial bone, artificial cartilage, artificial cornea, artificial blood vessel and artificial muscle. In order to optimize the regeneration of such living tissues and organs, basically, Should be provided. Basically, the support should be non-toxic, have excellent mechanical properties, and be porous. The porosity of the supporter not only allows the cells to adhere well to the supporter but also ensures sufficient space between the cells and cells to supply oxygen and nutrients by the diffusion of body fluids, thus providing a structure in which cells can grow and differentiate successfully do.

TE Bios Tissue Engineering Technology
  • TE Bios owns a patent on biomaterials for tissue regeneration based on tissue engineering.
  • PHEMA-PMMA Membrane Manufacturing Method
  • Manufacturing method of artificial cartilage (carbon nanotube)
  • How to make artificial cartilage (PCL)
  • PHEMA / PMMA membranes and methods for their preparation [10-1617435].
    - Establishment of technological entry barriers as core patents for artificial cornea, periodontal membrane, and chondrocyte material.
  • Support for articular cartilage regeneration and method for manufacturing the same [10-1202839].
    - It is a supporter for knee cartilage regeneration of carbon nanotubes with unique multi-layer structure simulating human cartilage. It is excellent in biocompatibility.
  • A method for producing a multilayered cartilage scaffold using biodegradable biopolymers [10-1617434].
    - It is a supporter for cartilage tissue retrieval for the reproduction of knee cartilage based on PCL material and possesses excellent cartilage regeneration ability.